Seven Secrets of a Great Wedding DJ

Seven Secrets of a Great Wedding DJ

There are many details and moving parts going on behind the scenes of your special day when you hire a wedding DJ. Today, we are sharing some of the secrets (shhh… don’t tell!) that a great wedding DJ does for you that you might not know about. Everything from how we select our song choices, to the details behind planning your day as part of your wedding coordination.

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Great Wedding DJs Will Read the Room

Great wedding DJs aren’t just playing their favourite playlists for your crowd; they are finding songs that work for your guests and making decisions on the fly as the mood and energy change throughout the night. A DJ will read when it’s time to change from two-stepping country songs to some dance floor bangers, to keep the sound fresh, as well as give everyone who wants to dance, the chance to do so. The more guests on the dance floor for any particular genre will ensure that type of music will play regularly to keep the floor boppin’. 

Music For All

DJs will play music that transcends across generations. What your 14-year-old cousin and 65-year-old aunt might like are different, but with songs that can transcend across generations, you can please both guests. For example, Hung Up by Madonna, who samples Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! By ABBA. There’s even a brand-new dance remake of Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! that’s currently charting.

No Deep Tracks

The greater good is better than any individual, except for the newlyweds. While DJs love to receive requests from the guests (yes, we really do!), not all requests will fit the mood or vibe of the party. If you are wondering why the DJ isn’t playing your favourite deep track from Nazareth it’s because the DJ is reading the crowd. The number one goal is to keep the party going! But, of course, the wedding couple will always get their requests no matter how deep that track is, and most likely sooner than later!

Planning and Preparation

Your wedding DJ is one of the first to arrive and last to leave the venue. Your DJ arrives early to ensure the setup is nothing short of perfect, including scoping out the dance floor, refining sound and lighting placement, and completing all sound checks. The extra time allows any issue to be corrected before the first guest arrives for cocktails. By the time the food, bar, and tables are being dismantled, the DJ is tearing down equipment and packing up and is usually the last person to say goodbye to whoever is locking up the venue. It’s usually a long day, but always worth it!

Not Just a DJ – A Wedding Coordinator Too

A great wedding DJ will wear multiple hats for the entire day. They often act as a liaison between all vendors, such as making sure the music is perfect for all portions of the day (i.e. ceremony, special dances, etc.), but also the timing of the officiant, caterers, bartenders, photo booth, photographers, MCs, and family from the start to finish is coordinated by the wedding DJ in most cases. This will be especially true if there is no wedding coordinator hired, as the DJ will do the heavy lifting of communicating the entire time to ensure everything runs smoothly. If there is no MC, the DJ is the MC, making all announcements needed, including calling tables up for dinner, introducing the entire bridal party, and all of the announcements during cocktails through to last call as well. All of this is done while the DJ is still making sure the music is playing and the guests are entertained.

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Entertainment Planned Every Step of the Way

A great wedding DJ will help you plan the perfect entertainment for your special day! From the time of your booking, Dean Vince DJ provides you with online forms that go through every step of your wedding. We will go through how many people are walking down the aisle, what music you want during the ceremony, all the songs for those special moments (i.e. first dance, cake cutting, bouquet toss, etc…)¸ the details around a slideshow, possible newlywed games, and what song will end the night. We will even help with the sound for the live singers or musicians that you may be adding to your day! All of this is finalized with a meeting in person or online to confirm every detail of your wedding day in advance.

Fresh and Throwbacks

A great DJ will always be prepared with the music. You hired the DJ because music is important to you and one of the most memorable parts of your and your guests’ enjoyment. The planning forms mentioned above allow you to add songs that you HAVE to hear, songs you NEVER want to hear, or songs in between. Your DJ will be prepared for every song you need on these lists far in advance, and if the song isn’t in the vast library that they already have, they will get it before your day. On top of that, if an obscure request comes in during the reception or dance itself, a great DJ has access to download almost any song on the spot. We are constantly researching and learning all types of music and downloading newer and popular songs to have a variety of choices for requests and favourites of all ages. A great DJ has years of experience (we have over 30 years!) as they are always playing and practicing great new mixes on days off, so that you can trust them to handle all of the entertainment for your special day.